Jenkins – Builds and deployments simplified

Here, you will be presented with quick and detailed information on Jenkins and help you get started quickly. Getting started with Jenkins is an halfway learning Jenkins.

Jenkins is an opensource solution born to automate building and deploying any application at any scale by simplifying the complete CICD process.

Importance of tools like Jenkins

In the earlier time, lots of manual activities needs to be performed to take a source code to a live/production environment. Always there is a scope for error if it is a manual process. Regardless of the scale of application, it is a nightmare to do this manually.

That’s when CICD(Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) practice insisted on automating everything in deploying an application. That could include from checking out the source code, unit testing, building, deploying in test/dev environment, perform integration tests and finally deploy in production. All this happens without any manual intervention.

Jenkins provides a simple way to set this up without taking much time while providing lots of options to customize and monitoring the build and deployment cycle.






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